Should Your Business Be On TikTok?

Should Your Business Be On TikTok?

With an estimated 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, TikTok is emerging as a real player in the social media game. You might be wondering: Is joining the app worth it for your business? 

Before you put in your time, money, and effort, ask yourself: who are you trying to reach?

If you are trying to reach Boomers, Facebook is your audience. If the 20s are your audience, TikTok is the place to be. 48% of the users on TikTok are between the ages of 18 to 29. There’s also a bit of the older demographic as well: 22% are between the ages of 30 to 49. In the United States, 61% are female. The average American spends more than an hour a day on the app. Depending on your demographic, maximize your time on the social media platform that benefits your business the most. 



  • You’re reaching a potentially different audience that’s probably gotten tired of Facebook and Instagram– Facebook and TikTok audiences don’t have a lot of overlap in users.
  • You’re creating a video that can be repurposed into a reel on Instagram– Instead of making your content directly in the TikTok app, make it on your phone! This way you can use that same video on Instagram without a watermark. 



  • It can be time-consuming- There are many parts to it: Filming the video, editing, researching trending sounds, etc can all be a bit tedious. 
  • It’s another platform that has to be monitored– You have to spend time engaging!
  • It’s more challenging to show a direct ROI (Return on Investment) from TikTok– How do you combat this lack of ROI? Your goal on TikTok should not be “Sell X amount of dollars”. Social media is for telling, not selling! Your ROI could be building your email list. Give your viewers something in exchange for getting their attention, attendance, or contact information. Social media is playing the long game: you have to build a relationship with your users. 



  1. Give yourself a goal: One post a week? 2 posts a week? 
  2. Look at the trending songs.
  3. Hashtags will help with your discoverability.
  4. Engage! Comment and follow other users and people in your industry.  
  5. Get people to watch your video for as long as possible. There’s a strategic way to word your videos to get people to watch longer. 

If you want to learn more about getting involved with TikTok, listen to the full podcast episode here. If you’re ready to let a team of experts handle your social media, contact us!

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