Sociallee PR & Media Co. Rebrands!

Sociallee PR & Media Co. Rebrands!

FINALLY! The word is out and we can officially share our new, super chic brand! (if I do say so myself). Sociallee PR & Media Co has been in the works for several months. Want to hear the story behind the decision to rebrand? Here goes!

Last year, at our company Christmas party, our team was drinking delicious wine and eating a massive charcuterie board. (This is the beginning of all of the best ideas) In the conversation, we talked about which services we felt like we were our specialties and where we were the strongest. We all agreed that Public Relations and Digital/Social Media were our strongest points. We love making creative campaigns and partnerships that bring an intangible value to businesses. We also do a killer email newsletter and blog for countless companies. Telling their stories is fun to us! We have managed social media for over 40 businesses, so creating content and engaging with followers on a daily basis is one of our strongest skills. Since the world of social media advertising came into play, we have managed over $250,000 in ad campaigns between Facebook and Instagram. It works – our clients love it, we love doing it.

So with that, we decided to focus on these services and our new brand needed to reflect that! The world of marketing is a big place and this is where we see the future of the company.



Social Media Management • Public Relations • Content Creation • Blogs

Social Media Advertising • Graphic Design

So, back story on the name. I’ve always loved the word Social. Growing up, I was always told I should be in PR because I was just so “social” and now I get it. It isn’t about loving to go to parties (but yes, I do) but it’s more about the enjoyment of interacting with people, businesses and communities. That’s exactly what we do every single day for our clients.

So, we landed on Sociallee – a play on my last name and a word that perfectly defines what we do. Don’t over think it – it’s pronounced just like socially – but it’s just a little way to make our brand unique.

While I’m here – I want to say a huge thank you to my friends, family and clients who have supported Lee IMC since I started in 2015. And a special thanks to my amazing staff – Meagan & Ragan. You guys are absolute rock stars and there would be no team without you! I learn so much about myself and this business by leading you guys and I’m honestly grateful for that. Plus, y’all are young and you totes help keep me in the know about everything that’s on fleek.

Here we go! We are excited to continue to grow, evolve and help tell the stories of countless amazing businesses out there.

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